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KICKS LAB. presents “Bring The Kicks Back”

KICKS LAB. presents “Bring The Kicks Back”

This will be the world's first attempt by hip-hop producer/DJ DJ VIBLAM under the project of KICKS LAB., a premium sneaker boutique based in Harajuku, Tokyo, a mecca for Japanese street fashion. A hip-hop record photo book “KICKS LAB. presents “Bring The Kicks Back”” focusing on sneakers will be released.
Presents “Bring The Kicks Back”, a photo book “KICKS LAB. DJ VIBLAM, who has a deep relationship with <KICKS LAB.>, participated as a curator. A total of 123 hip-hop albums released in the 80s and 90s, selected only from the huge hip-hop record collection owned by DJ VIBLAM himself, featuring sneakers and boots on the jacket cover. and released a single. In addition to the famous records that everyone knows if you are a hip-hop fan, there are also many rare records that are known to those in the know. Not only can you enjoy it, but it is also a photo book filled with the charm of hip-hop culture itself.

Furthermore, at the end of the book, a dialogue page with DJ VIBLAM and MURO and GORE-TEX (NITRO MICROPHONE UNDERGROUND) is posted. Please enjoy this special, one-of-a-kind conversation between three people who are also comrades of KODP (King Of Diggin' Production) led by MURO and who are extremely knowledgeable about hip-hop, sneakers and fashion. In addition, photographer cherry chill will., who has a close connection with them, was in charge of the interview page, and the text is bilingual (Japanese / English) for overseas hip-hop fans and sneaker fans.

In addition to the book size that fits a 10-inch record jacket and volume of all 184 pages (all colors), the high-class design is also a big point, such as the paper quality and printing, and the cover and case are embossed. It is

KICKS LAB. presents “Bring The Kicks Back”
Curated by DJ VIBLAM
~Hip-Hop Album/Single Covers featuring Sneakers~

Price: 6,050 yen (tax included)
Release date: Saturday, March 4, 2023

Editing: Itaru Ohmae Book design: Masashi Funatsu (Second Order Inc.)
Cover and additional design: Keita Suzuki Illustration: Kantaro Suzuki Translation: Kotaro Balucha Hashim Producer: Hajime Oshiro (GRIDDY Inc.)
Printing, binding, and sales: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

From the staple of fashion in Harajuku Tokyo, KICKS LAB presents Premium Sneakers collaborating with Hip Hop producer DJ VIBLAM. The release of “KICKS LAB. Presents BRING THE KICKS BACK Curated by DJ VIBLAM ~Hip Hop Album/Single Covers Feat. brings selective life works of DJ VIBLAM collating together with sneakers.

This photo collection will represent various influential people with a strong connection with DJ VIBLAM, such as the Hip Hop artists NITRO MICROPHONE UNDERGROUND and owners of the 90s selective shop STILL DIGGIN. It will include compilation of sneakers and boots that were featured on his album covers that were released in the 80s and 90s totaling of 123 albums and singles. From diehard Hip Hop fans to mainstream, the collection of numerous rare finds and/or fashion icon of sneakers and boots will be displayed highlighting the culture of the 80s and 90s Hip Hop sphere.

Plus, DJ VIBLAM sits down with MURO (KODP aka KING OF DIGGIN' PRODUCTION) and GORE-TEX (INTRO MICROPHONE UNDERSROUND) conversing on Hip Hop culture and more, as they are the exemplars of Hip Hop fashion. were able to collaborate with Photographer, CHERRY CHILL WILL who also has a deep tie with the three artists. In addition, for all those Hip Hop fashion fans around the world, this photo collection will be available with Japanese and English texts.

Production strongly emphasized on representing 184 pages of all color prints on a 10 inch book size with high quality paper and printing work. Not only is this a photo collection, it is a luxurious piece of art.

KICKS LAB. presents “Bring The Kicks Back”
Curated by DJ VIBLAM
~Hip Hop Album/Single covers featuring Sneakers~

Retail: 6050 YEN
Release Date: 4 March 2023

Editor: Kiwamu Omae
Book Design: Masashi Funatsu
Cover: Keita Suzuki
Illustrated by Kantaro Suzuki
Translation: Hashim Kotaro Bharoocha
Production: Hajime Oshiro (GRIDDY Inc.)
Publication: KICKS LAB. / LOWTEX. INC.
Printing, Binding and Sales: TOPPAN PRINTING CO., LTD.

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