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DESCENTE is a sports brand with a deep connection to winter sports since its founding in 1935. We always aim to create things that have never been seen before with innovative ideas, and we propose to the world items that are highly functional, high quality, and have excellent design in pursuit of functional beauty.

In order to improve slip resistance, we collaborated with Vibram in Italy to create an original outsole. ``Vibram Mega Grip'' provides grip on both dry and wet roads and is highly durable, and ``Vibram Traction Lugs'' are used on the lugs, which are the uneven parts of the sole, to increase the force of firmly stepping on the shoe. . Waterproof design for use in situations such as snow and rain. In addition, to improve cold protection, the lining is equipped with Descente's unique feature HeatNavi, and the insole surface is also equipped with Vercera, a heat storage material. The upper material is made of microfiber-based artificial leather originally developed by DESCENTE, with consideration given to comfort and durability.
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