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PUMA's highest quality "MADE IN JAPAN" products are made using carefully selected materials and produced in domestic factories using the finest craftsmanship.

``SLIPSTREAM'' basketball shoes were introduced in 1987. ``THE BEAST LO'', which appeared as a lifestyle specification model in 1988, has a leopard pattern (white leopard) on the white reinforcement parts and a leopard pattern (black leopard) on the black reinforcement parts, and in commemoration of the 35th anniversary of SLIPSTREAM, it is now available in red fur. Following the model, it is reprinted again as MADE IN JAPAN. The white leopard and black leopard models appearing this time are also the first in PUMA's history to appear since the Takumi Collection, which was first reprinted in 2013 as a 25th anniversary model.

In producing this special model, the upper is made of premium Harako (haired leather) imported from Italy and has high rarity. The surrounding trimmings are made from smooth leather created using the skills of leather craftsmen in Himeji, Japan's largest leather industry region, and the leopard pattern is intentionally given a matte finish to bring out the leopard pattern. In addition, fur material has individual differences in the hair flow of each piece of raw hide, so expert cutting skills are used to ensure that the hair is evenly oriented at the product stage, and each piece is carefully cut to prevent it from getting caught when hanging. It is molded. In particular, with this leopard pattern, the color shading tends to vary depending on the raw leather, so leather craftsmen carefully sort and select the materials. Although they are based on basketball shoes, they are particular about the design balance that can only be achieved by being made in Japan, with an emphasis on the beauty of a clean silhouette when worn. Regarding the insole, we have adopted a cup insole that fits the round shape of the human foot, providing a better fit and feeling of fit, and fully expressing MIJ's commitment to the utmost. In this product, unlike the previous reprint, the circular part (pivot zone) located at the front and rear of the outsole is finished in a single black color, and the "SLIPSTREAM" logo is adopted on the side to commemorate the 35th anniversary of its birth. This is a special limited edition model that has been revived.
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