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<AIRWALK> started in California, USA in 1986 as footwear to meet the needs of skateboarding and BMX. Due to its innovative design, excellent durability and functionality, it created a boom in the United States in just one year. After that, special shoes for action sports such as snowboarding and mountain biking were released one after another. Currently, we support many professional skaters, BMX riders, snowboarders, underground musicians, etc. both domestically and internationally. <AIRWALK CLASSICS> is a Japanese-led project that uses the brand's rich archive as its starting point to develop pre-ducts that reproduce the original models of the time as faithfully as possible. Starting in earnest from the 2014 spring/summer season, we are reviving AIRWALK masterpieces that colored the era into the modern era.

This product is "DECKOUT", which has an elegant loafer style. A pair of shoes with muted tones that match any style.
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