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In 1964, founder Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, a track and field coach at the University of Oregon, established Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS), the predecessor to Nike, and acquired Onitsuka Tiger from Japan. The company imported running shoes and sold them in the United States, but in 1972 it began producing sneakers in-house. NIKE was born in 1971 with the name Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. This model is the popular model [AIR MAX 90] from the [AIR MAX] series, which is famous for causing the sneaker bubble in 1987 with the best cushioning system [AIR]. It is a classic model that appeared in the 90's and is widely recognized to this day.It can be said to be the most standard model in the series, with a look that is easy to incorporate into your outfits and a wide variety of colors. These sneakers are highly talked about and always attract attention, with various arrangement models appearing.

*Please note that NIKE's sustainable line products do not include wrapping paper or padding paper to wrap the shoes due to the manufacturer's environmental conservation concerns.
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