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[AIR MORE UPTEMPO] first appeared in 1996. The design boldly reflects the word "AIR", which is synonymous with NIKE technology, on the side panel. At the time, this model not only had an original visual appearance, but also boasted excellent functionality as it was equipped with Max Air, which was divided into three parts.

This time, the latest color is based on a solid black base, with the in and out text boldly paneled in vibrant navy and red. The Swoosh and loop on the tongue are painted white. A pair of shoes with the logo of six-time NBA champion "SCOTTIE PIPPEN" on the heel. It is a combination of his two favorite original colors, the ``Olympic model'' and ``black and white,'' to honor his 25th birthday.

Since this is an overseas imported product, there may be scratches or dents on the outer box.
The black tag written in Japanese is not included.
Thank you for your understanding before placing your order.

*Please note that NIKE's sustainable line products do not include wrapping paper or padding paper to wrap the shoes due to the manufacturer's environmental conservation concerns.
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