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Snow Peak


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Its simple appearance makes it an indispensable part of your daily outfit. A sweatshirt series with a back loop that features a solid weight. From home to camping, we have items to help you relax and enjoy your time. This is a product of the <UP CYCLE COTTON PROJECT>, in which all the cotton and cutting waste produced during the manufacturing process of each season's products is collected, crushed, and returned to thread to be used as raw material for the next manufacturing process. Since it is not overpowering, it fits easily with any occasion and any item. With a wide range of sizes available, you can choose the fit that suits you best. It also comes with a convenient side pocket, which is a nice feature that you won't find anywhere else. The cotton material, which contains 20% recycled cotton, is resistant to pilling even after repeated wear and washing, and is extremely durable even in camping situations. It won't flatten quickly and will hold its shape well. In addition, the mélange-like fabric does not show signs of discoloration after being worn, and the greatest feature is that each item can be used for a long time. The material is moderately soft and comfortable to wear. It also provides ease of movement.

Transparency: None Lining: None Elasticity: None Gloss: Slightly Fabric thickness: Normal

Size chart (cm)
1: Shoulder width 54/Body width 56/Length 58.5/Sleeve length 44.5/Sleeve width 46.5/Sleeve length 71.5
S: Shoulder width 56/Width 58/Length 62/Sleeve length 48/Sleeve width 47/Sleeve length 76
M: Shoulder width 58/Width 61/Length 65.5/Sleeve length 51.5/Sleeve width 47.5/Sleeve length 80.5
L: Shoulder width 60/Width 65/Length 70/Sleeve length 55/Sleeve width 49/Sleeve length 58
XL: Shoulder width 62/Body width 69.5/Length 74.5/Sleeve length 58.5/Sleeve width 53.5/Sleeve length 89.5

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