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Snow Peak


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Great for daily use due to its comfort and ease of handling.

The "Recycled Cotton Heavy" series uses heavyweight jersey material. We have a wide range of basic items that can be worn by men and women of all ages, and can be used in both home and camping situations. Snow Peak's apparel line has started an initiative to circulate and upcycle cotton materials from the 21st fall/winter season. All of the cotton and cutting waste produced during the product manufacturing process is collected, crushed, and returned to thread to be used as raw material for the next manufacturing process. The material is highly durable and will not deteriorate even after repeated wear and washing. It has just the right amount of firmness, doesn't show off your body lines, and does not release easily from your skin, making it comfortable to wear. Available in three colors: heather black, heather gray, and white. The lineup includes three types of items: two unisex T-shirts and one women's dress. A basic crew neck T-shirt that can be worn by unisex, has a relaxed atmosphere. It has a minimalist design with accents on the chest pocket and the Snow Peak mark on the left sleeve. The natural texture fits well with everyday wear, and you can enjoy changing your style by matching bottoms and accessories.

Transparency: None Lining: None Elasticity: Slightly Glossy: None Fabric Thickness: Normal

<Material> 100% COTTON

Size chart (cm)
1: Shoulder width 46/Body width 49/Length 61.5/Sleeve length 21/Sleeve width 21/Sleeve length 46
S: Shoulder width 48/Width 51/Length 65/Sleeve length 24/Sleeve width 21.5/Sleeve length 48
M: Shoulder width 50/Width 54/Length 68.5/Sleeve length 25/Sleeve width 22.5/Sleeve length 50
L: Shoulder width 52/Body width 58/Length 73/Sleeve length 27/Sleeve width 24/Sleeve length 53
XL: Shoulder width 54/Width 62.5/Length 77.5/Sleeve length 29/Sleeve width 25.5/Sleeve length 56

■Male model height 175cm/wearing size L
■Female model height 163cm/wearing size L
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