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"PUMA SUEDE" has been loved in various scenes for over 50 years since the original suede training shoes "CRACK" appeared in 1968. "PUMA SUEDE" became its current form after 1979, when Walt Frazier, one of the PUMA contract athletes in the 1970s and a signature player wearing "PUMA CLYDE", left the contract with PUMA. Starting from In the 1980s, it was used by many famous artists and spread its name around the world as a must-have item for hip-hop culture and the skate scene.

The exclusive model <PUMA SUEDE VTG HAIRY SUEDE>, which will be released at the premium sneaker boutique <KICKS LAB.>, which transmits Japanese sneaker culture from Harajuku to the world, was produced in the former Yugoslavia from 1979 to the mid-1980s. Shoes made with the image of "90681 Puma*". The initial specs of "90681 Puma*", which was produced in the same cement manufacturing method as "CLYDE" produced in the 1970s (method of joining the upper and sole with only adhesive), removed the "Clyde" signature on the upper side. I am reproducing it. Commonly known as "BLACK × GOLD", which is a time-honored color scheme that was also used in the original "CLYDE". We use hairy suede with long and uneven piles to create a texture that has faded due to the sunlight. The sole and shoelaces are also made with a slightly creamy finish due to aging.

* 90681 Puma: The product name before the street name SUEDE became the product name. The product name at the time when the original was released was "Puma". The name "PUMA's Puma" was difficult to understand, and some people called it "CLYDE" on the street, while others called it "PUMA's suede shoes". As time went by and the 1990s began, it became popular as a lifestyle shoe all over the world, and it was adopted as the product name "PUMA SUEDE" from "PUMA suede shoes" which was the name on the street. This is exactly what tells the fact that "PUMA SUEDE" exists with the street.

Release date: Saturday, February 25, 2023 10:00


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