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adidas Originals CAMPUS 80s for KICKS LAB.

adidas Originals CAMPUS 80s for KICKS LAB.

A premium sneaker boutique <KICKS LAB.> based in Harajuku, Tokyo, a mecca for Japanese street fashion, and a brand <adidas Originals>, which inherits the historical tradition of the world's leading sports manufacturer <adidas>, Released the collaboration model <adidas Originals CAMPUS 80s for KICKS LAB.>.
This is the 5th collaboration between <KICKS LAB.> and <adidas Originals>.
Originally released as basketball shoes <CAMPUS>, the <CAMPUS 80s>, which has been re-evaluated in the subculture scene and loved by various artists and fashion icons, has a simple design and a style full of retro atmosphere. With its characteristics, it has had a big impact on the sneaker scene.
This time, <adidas Originals CAMPUS 80s for KICKS LAB.> has an upper made of high-quality nubuck material and a luxurious leather lining and rubber sole, just like the original model. , Boldly arranged three stripes with two contrasting colors of green and orange.
In addition, the shoelace tip uses green and orange, which is a special specification unique to the collaboration model.
The <adidas Originals CAMPUS 80s for KICKS LAB.> brings a modern flair to the everlasting classic <CAMPUS 80s> with a luxe feel.
<KICKS LAB.> and <adidas Originals>, it can be said that this is a special collaboration model filled with the charm of both brands.
In addition, the image visual of this collaboration model includes BUDDHA MAFIA's CQ, NIPPS, TETRAD THE GANG OF FOUR led by NIPPS, ILL BROS (Kan aka GAMI / DJ BAKU / TABOO1), professional skater SINGOLD, KODP to DJ VIBLAM. The model is a selection unique to <KICKS LAB.>.
In conjunction with the product release, a pop-up event will be held from December 3rd at <PROJECT LAB.>, a space produced by <KICKS LAB.>.
This pop-up event will feature TABOO1, a graffiti writer who has a deep connection with KICKS LAB. Air fresheners will be distributed by lottery as a reservation privilege.

Release date: Saturday, December 3, 2022
Pre-order: Starts at 10:00 on Tuesday, November 29, 2022

>>hq7069 adidas Originals CAMPUS 80s KICKS LAB. CORE BLACK/BRIGHT ORANGE/GREEN ¥14,300

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