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CRSB × raidback fabric × FIRST DOWN – KICKS LAB. Exclusive –

CRSB × raidback fabric × FIRST DOWN – KICKS LAB. Exclusive –

The two brands <CRSB> and <raidback fabric> directed by LA TORA JACKSON, also known as GORE-TEX of the hip-hop group <NITRO MICROPHONE UNDERGROUND>, are brands that have been loved for many years in the street culture of New York. <MOTOWN JKT>, a collaboration with FIRST DOWN>, will be released exclusively from the premium sneaker boutique <KICKS LAB.> based in Harajuku, Tokyo.

Founded in New Jersey in 1983 by the founder, YOUNG IN CHUNG, <FIRST DOWN> was named with the desire to become the number one brand in the world of down jackets. The <FIRST DOWN> down jacket, which has been popularly known as the “bubble jacket”, has been used by famous artists such as Notorious BIG and Michael Jackson due to its high quality and fresh design. LA TORA JACKSON, who has a deep relationship with <KICKS LAB.>, designed this collaboration. Completed the collaboration item.

The <FIRST DOWN> mountain parka jacket, which has excellent functionality, has been arranged in a unique two-tone style. <MOTOWN JKT>'s major feature, the cutback design, is used as is, while the sleeves and chest are black, and the body and hood are colored with an animal camo pattern. On the chest, the chameleon logo is laid out on top of the <FIRST DOWN> brand logo, which is a special specification unique to the collaboration model. While expressing the image of a “chameleon that blends into the jungle”, it has a stylish finish. The outer material uses taslan-treated nylon, which is quick-drying, wind-resistant, and durable. It has a strong texture, but it also has a soft texture and a natural look.

Release date: Saturday, November 12, 2022
Pre-order sales: November 4, 2022 (Friday) 19:00-


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