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KICKS LAB. is a premium sneaker boutique that currently has three stores in Harajuku, Tokyo, the mecca of Japanese street fashion, and celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018, as well as an Italian-born sportswear brand with over 100 years of history. Introducing a special model <KICKS LAB. x FILA DRIFTER 96> in collaboration with lifestyle brand <FILA>.

This collaboration, the first for both <KICKS LAB.> and <FILA>, uses <FILA>'s popular sports sandal <DRIFTER 96> as the base model. This model fits in a wide range of situations, from leisure scenes such as the beach, poolside, outdoors, to the street, and is boldly colored in "black and white," which is also the theme color of <KICKS LAB.>. The upper is printed with FILA's standard font logo on the left leg and the retro logo used in the 90's on the right leg, and the original specifications unique to collaboration models are included in key points.

This collaboration model <KICKS LAB. This is a special collaboration model that perfectly combines FILA, a brand that continues to inherit traditional Italian style, passion, and creativity, and KICKS LAB.'s cutting-edge street sense.

The premium sneaker boutique KICKS LAB., which was celebrating its 10th anniversary last year (2018) and currently has two stores in Harajuku where is called a mecca of street fashion in Japan, together with the brand FILA that is Italian-origin sports lifestyle brand with a history of over 100 years, will release a collaboration model KICKS LAB. x FILA DRIFTER 96.
For the first collaboration by KICKS LAB. and FILA, we adopted FILA's popular sports sandal DRIFTER 96 as a base model. We boldly colored this model that widely fits a various scenes from leisure such as beach/poolside or outdoor to street scene, with " "Black & White", the theme colors of KICKS LAB.. Original specifications unique to the collaboration model are reflected in the key points on the upper, such as print the standard font logo of FILA on the left foot, and the retro logo used in the 90's on the right foot.
This collaboration model KICKS LAB. cutting-edge street sense of KICKS LAB..
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