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Shoes and sneakers magazine ``SHOES MASTER'' has been published twice a year since its launch in the spring of 2004, at the end of March and the end of September. The special feature of this issue, which is the 40th issue, is titled "Sneaker fever in Southeast Asia" (Part 2), and reports on the forefront of the sneaker scene in Southeast Asian countries, which continue to experience remarkable economic growth. In addition, we will deliver the latest sneaker topics for fall and winter. Total 262 pages.

[Special feature]
“Southeast Asia’s Sneaker Fever Part 2 Malaysia/Philippines”
Southeast Asian countries continue to experience remarkable economic growth. In recent years, street culture centered around fashion has become more popular, and sneaker fever is rapidly increasing. What kind of sneakers are currently popular locally? As sneaker culture in Japan, Europe and America has reached maturity and the market is saturated, what direction will Southeast Asia's culture and market take in the future? Together with Houbun Kojima of Atmos, who operates a local shop, he visits major cities around the world to explore the ongoing ``sneaker craze in Southeast Asia.'' This is the second consecutive issue of this special feature, and this time it features two cities: Jakarta, Indonesia, and Bangkok, Thailand.

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