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<JASON MARKK> has gained trust around the world as a sneaker accessory brand with the high quality products and services it has provided for many years.
Based on the know-how cultivated with that sneaker cleaner, we developed a cleaner that can clean hats.

JASON MARKK's 4oz. Premium RTU Hat Cleaner is a completely new fragrance-free solution specially formulated to gently and effectively clean hat materials such as cotton, wool, felt, corduroy, and polyester. Contains an optimal ratio of cleaning solution and water and can be used as is. Just apply the foam directly to the brush, brush and wipe. No water required.

The premium cleaning brush uses soft boar bristles and is ideal for cleaning delicate hat materials. For daily care, brush the hat dry and use RTU Hat Cleaner on the brush for stubborn dirt.

<Set contents>
・4oz. Premium RTU Hat Cleaner 118ml
・Premium cleaning brush

Remove dust and dirt from the surface of the material with a soft boar bristle brush. Apply the foam directly to the brush and brush the dirty areas. Wipe away any remaining suds with a microfiber towel and repeat the process as needed. Finally, let it dry naturally.

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