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Set includes 2oz premium deep cleaning solution, mini premium brush, 3 mini microfiber towels and quick wipes, housed in a durable ripstop nylon travel case with elastic mesh pocket. All of it has been refreshed and refurbished.

<Set contents>
2OZ Premium Deep Cleaning Solution
New and improved detergents not only clean better, but are also more environmentally friendly. All detergent ingredients are now naturally derived and highly biodegradable. New premium deep cleaning solution delivers superior cleaning and conditioning power for effective cleaning.

Premium Cleaning Brush
The premium brush features a handmade walnut handle and soft natural pig bristles that can be cleaned gently without damaging the material, making it effective for cleaning delicate materials such as suede, mesh, cotton, and canvas.

Premium Microfiber Towel
We have improved the quality to improve durability and functionality. It is super absorbent and quick-drying, absorbing approximately 7 times its weight in water, and is gentle on materials with little fluff, making it ideal for wiping away excess water from a variety of materials. Millions of ultra-fine hooks that are thinner than a human hair ensure that they catch dust and dirt.

3 Quick Wipes
By using detergent with naturally derived ingredients and the unique and durable dotted rubber surface and smooth surface depending on the purpose, it provides excellent cleaning power when cleaning on the go. The JASON MARKK brand logo is engraved on the wipe cloth surface. The dot rubber is now whiter and 50% higher for maximum cleaning performance on tough stains. The towel area has also been increased by approximately 30%, making it thicker and more durable.

Established in 2007, JASON MARKK is a sneaker accessory brand that is sold at over 2,000 sneaker shops, select shops, and department stores in 30 countries around the world.
Up until now, sneaker freaks have been worried about the lack of detergents that can safely clean their favorite sneakers, but with a unique formulation that does not contain harsh chemicals or abrasives, it removes dirt with effective cleaning power. We have developed a <PREMIUM SHOE CLEANER> that can do the following. Made of 98.3% natural materials, it is environmentally friendly and can be used with all the materials used in regular sneakers, making it a hot topic among sneaker collectors and the media, and has established itself as a sneaker accessory brand trusted around the world. We have established our position.

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