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A triple collaboration between California socks brand <STANCE SOCKS>, painter/artist <MHAK>, and premium sneaker boutique <KICKS LAB.> based in Harajuku, Tokyo, the mecca of street fashion. Socks are now on sale.

STANCE SOCKS was born in San Clemente, California and has been selling attractive socks in a variety of styles with roots in West Coast culture. In addition to its high-quality design, it has a reputation for its premium fit made from carefully selected materials and its comfort using cutting-edge technology, and is highly supported by top athletes, skaters, artists, and others. In addition to official socks for MLB and NBA, we have also developed many collaborations with athletes, musicians, fashion brands, movies, anime, and more that go beyond the conventional socks.

The socks created through this triple collaboration are masterpieces that show the high design sense of <MHAK>, which has previously collaborated with <KICKS LAB.> on many occasions. The top part of the socks has an abstract pattern that can be said to be the signature of <MHAK>, and the right foot has <KICKS LAB.> and the left foot has <MHAK>, both logos designed by <MHAK> themselves. Boldly placed marks. The blue accent on the white body and the <STANCE SOCKS> logo mark are also effective points, making it literally a "wearable work of art." Furthermore, these socks use a fiber material called "INFIKNIT," which STANCE SOCKS has independently developed and boasts five times the strength of regular socks. As proof of our confidence in its quality and strength, STANCE SOCKS' INFIKNIT products, including this collaboration item, are covered by a lifetime warranty.
(For inquiries regarding the lifetime warranty program for "INFIKNIT" products, please check )

Special collaboration socks with excellent design and functionality by <STANCE SOCKS>, <MHAK>, and <KICKS LAB.>. We recommend it to a variety of people, from sneaker enthusiasts and skaters who have strong ties to ``MHAK'' and ``KICKS LAB.'' to fashion and art enthusiasts to highly sensitive athletes.


*This product will be shipped via trackable mail service (Yamato Transport Nekoposu), so you cannot specify the arrival date and time. Please note.

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