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We currently have two stores in Harajuku, Tokyo, a mecca for Japanese street fashion. Last year (2018), we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a premium sneaker boutique <KICKS LAB.>, which has a history of more than 70 years. , a special model <KICKS LAB. x ASICS GEL-LYTE V ​​"KLKOGANE">, which is the fifth collaboration with Japan's world-famous sports brand <ASICS>, has appeared. So far, based on the ASICS high performance model "GEL-LYTE" series, "PHYS ED" (2015), "HIKESHI" (2016), "KLSHINOBI" (2018), "KLSHOGUN" ( 2019). Based on the strong partnership between the two, the newly born collaboration model <KICKS LAB. It is a model based on the concept of color. Since ancient times, gold has been cherished as the most valuable precious metal in the world, and Japan, which was rich in gold production, was called "Golden Country Zipangu" in Europe. Gold is also a symbol of Japan. It was a presence. Therefore, the color "golden", which represents the color of gold, also has a special meaning, and is associated with rice, the staple food of Japan, and is also used to represent the color of ears of rice. In this <KICKS LAB. x ASICS GEL-LYTE V ​​"KLKOGANE">, this golden color is used for the ASICS stripe and logo, which can be said to be the symbol of <ASICS>. In addition, by using black, brown, and green as the base colors, we have an image of “golden ears of rice” rooted in the earth. In addition, a gold chain, which is an iconic item of hip-hop culture that is deeply connected to sneakers, is printed on the inner sole. The traditional color of Japan from ancient times, “golden color,” is directly linked to the present age, and it is also a homage to the traditional Japanese footwear made from rice. <KICKS LAB.>, which has collaborated with <ASICS> on the theme of traditional Japanese culture such as "Firefighter", "Ninja", and "Shogun", has been planning collaboration models with the theme of ancient Japanese culture. It can be said that it is a special model that is directly injected into the concept of "", and the pride unique to the Japanese brand of <ASICS> is also beautifully expressed.

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