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This set, which has been in high demand for some time, has now been commercialized.
It is a complete box set of all the main products necessary for cleaning JASON MARKK, and it can be used on all materials, so it is a must-have for sneaker freaks as it has everything you need for cleaning sneakers. It is a BOX set.
In addition, painter/artist MHAK, who has collaborated with KICKS LAB. in various ways, designed the BOX, making it a special BOX set that can only be obtained at KICKS LAB.

<Set contents>
A premium deep cleaning solution with natural ingredients that gently foams and effectively removes dirt. It can be safely used on a variety of materials and colors, including leather, suede, nubuck, nylon, canvas, cotton, and knits.

A brush that can more effectively remove stubborn dirt from the soles and sides of the soles.
It is very light and easy to handle, and has an easy-to-grip wooden grip and hard, durable synthetic fiber bristles.

Premium cleaning brush ideal for delicate materials such as suede, nubuck, canvas, cotton, mesh, and knits.
By brushing with soft natural pig bristles, you can gently clean the material without damaging it.

Quick Wipes is a durable sheet-type paper cleaner with a special double-layer weave structure. By using the specially processed dot rubber surface, even stubborn stains can be effectively removed. Each cleaner is individually sealed and pocket-sized for easy carrying. By carrying it in your bag, you can take it out immediately when you want to use it and clean it easily at any time.

Jason Mark is a premium shoe care brand that is most trusted around the world and was founded in Los Angeles in 2007 by Jason Mark Angus. We first introduced a premium shoe cleaner that was naturally derived, highly biodegradable, and safe for cleaning sneakers, and over the past 10 years we have introduced ``Quick Wipes,'' ``Suede Cleaning Kit,'' ``Repel Spray,'' and ``RTU Foam.'' We have released a full lineup including ".
With fans including celebrities from all over the world, the brand has expanded through a grassroots approach. Products are available at over 5,000 sneaker shops, select shops, department stores, etc. around the world, including ``Opening Ceremony'', ``Kith'', ``Nordstrom'', ``Colette'', ``Foot Locker'', and ``Mr. Porter''. It has been. Since our founding, we have partnered and collaborated with brands such as ``Barneys,'' ``Nike,'' ``Undefeated,'' ``OVO,'' and ``JCrew.'' In 2014, we opened a flagship store in Los Angeles that provides the world's first cleaning service exclusively for sneakers. In 2018, we opened a second store on Carnaby Street in London. Jason Mark's Sneaker Care Technicians (SCT'S) have cleaned over 100,000 pairs of sneakers.
Jason Mark has been featured in "The New York Times", "The Los Angeles Times", "Vogue", "GQ", "The Wall Street Journal", etc., and in 2017, he was featured in "Ad Age"'s annual " Creativity 50' lists Jason Mark Angus as one of the most innovative and creative people of the year.
It is Jason Mark's mission to promote a culture of sneaker care through quality products and experiences.

Born in Aizuwakamatsu in 1981. Painter/Artist.
Having been greatly influenced by designer furniture and interior spaces, his work focuses on murals, with the theme of ``coexistence with living spaces,'' which sees paintings as part of the interior.
Believing that the coexistence of space and painting requires the painting itself to be perceived as an atmosphere, he pursues a style that focuses on abstract expression.
He has created a unique style of building and repeating curves, and has created numerous interior murals for private residences, restaurants, and hotel rooms.
On the other hand, he has also created many exterior murals for stores such as Levi's? HARAJUKU and RVCA SHIBUYA.
In addition, he also provides artwork to global companies and street brands such as adidas, YONEX, THE NORTH FACE, etc. In 2017, in collaboration with adidas Skateboarding, he released a collection including signature shoes bearing his name globally. The announcement attracted a lot of attention.
In addition, his activities are wide-ranging, including local activities for regional revitalization and membership in the artist group ``81 BASTARDS'', which has members all over the world. He continues to present his works in cities and spread his unique worldview both domestically and internationally.

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