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Salomon is an outdoor brand that has pursued play in the French Alps region since its founding in 1947, with the slogan "It's time to play." Our passion for outdoor sports, new technology, and craftsmanship drives our ability to develop progressive gear that allows you to freely enjoy and challenge the great outdoors.

This model is Salomon's representative model [XT-6], which was announced in 2013 and is still being released today. ``3D Advanced Chassis'' provides a stable ride even on tough trails. You can ride with confidence on any road surface. In addition, ``Full Premium Wet TractionGrip'' enables aggressive driving even on wet roads. It is also equipped with various protection features, including reinforcement with a toe cap. Safely protect your precious feet.

This model, ``XT-6 EXPANSE,'' brings a new texture and depth to the series by layering luxurious and traditional materials with stitched panels and SensiFit structure, creating a more layered and retro atmosphere. I am.
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