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Its history begins in 1892 with shoemaker Patrick Beneteau and his sons in the village of Pouzorges in western France. In 1930, PATRICK received high praise for its sports shoes, mainly soccer cleats, and in 1972, the ``two lines'' sharply engraved on the back of the shoes were introduced, further strengthening the brand's image. After that, it attracted attention from the fashion-conscious people of Paris, and in 1978, it first landed in Japan. At the time, sneakers were attracting attention only for their functionality, but PATRICK's vivid coloring and sophisticated form secretly attracted the attention of fashionistas who were not influenced by trends.

Patrick's standard model "Iris" is very popular with both men and women. The upper is made of lightweight, fine-grained kangaroo leather that feels good on your feet, and the sole is made of lightweight foam material. The thin shoelaces and beautiful slender silhouette create a retro and elegant atmosphere. The outsole with a rolled-up heel is also useful as driving shoes. Patrick is a long-selling model recommended for beginners.

Material: Kangaroo leather x stair velor Country of origin: Japan

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