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The classic basketball shoe [AIR FORCE 1] has been loved throughout the ages since its debut in 1982. This basketball shoe is the first in history to feature Nike Air technology. A pair that continues to revolutionize sports and sneaker culture. It has revolutionized the game and quickly swept the field around the world. Today, it continues to inherit the soft, bouncy cushioning that changed the history of sneakers, remaining true to its roots and cementing its status as an icon.

A design that adds a new taste to the original model of the popular basketball shoe. Tightly stitched overlays, a clean finish, and just the right amount of shine make it stand out. A padded mid-cut collar with a classic hook-and-loop closure provides classic basketball shoe comfort. Toe vents keep feet cool.

- Stitched overlays on the upper add traditional style, durability and support.
-Mid-cut silhouette creates a clean and sophisticated style.
- Soft and comfortable padded collar.

[Product details]
・Foam midsole ・Knitted structure that allows foot width adjustment ・Loop fastener allows you to adjust style and fit ・Vent holes in toe area ・Displayed color: Black/Black ・Style: CW2289-001
・Place of origin: Vietnam

*Please note that NIKE's sustainable line products do not include wrapping paper or padding paper to wrap the shoes due to the manufacturer's environmental conservation concerns.
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